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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MIXED MEDIA MICROWAVE (shabby chic style)

My beautiful microwave went to the big appliance heaven today.I had to order a new sad I am.

Here is the new one. It's a convection which I love.
It's a microwave..that's all I can say.Way too plain for my taste.o here I go again boogering it up !
Taped off the windows and spray bombed it Ballet Slipper Pink.
Let her dry for 24 hours....
Then pulled off the tape....
Here are some beautiful rose napkins I had in the cupboard.
I decoupaged them on the top window of the door with Mod Podge.

And on the bottom...

I glued embellishments on with E 6000 glue. Here I held it in place with a twist tie until dry.
Next I cut up some doilies and did the same thing...
Now I needed to do something with the touch pad side.....hmmmm.thinking, and then coming up with the idea to make a true to size template, and go to the computer to print a new  prettier one  .
I scanned it into the computer and with one of my creative programs used clip art like roses, crowns, etc to replace  the original icons.
After glueing everything on and sealing with a couple more coats of Mod Podge. Here she is....

 Close up detail of the golden crystal spoon handle .

               Thanks for stopping by!