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Monday, November 28, 2011


How do you cure a sore throat?

It's simple and very very very effective, almost works instantly.... for best results take before entering bed to go to sleep, and DO NOT drink any water or other liquids after it.
Here it is ..... enjoy and get well quickly.
(1). Get an empty drinking glass and put in a tablespoon full of honey ONLY (anytype of honey)
(2). Slice of a 50 CENT piece size of FRESH ginger, about the thickness of your pinky (small finger)
(3). Now squeeze and press that piece of ginger, untill you have all the liquid you can get out of it (use a small plate and a large spoon to do this), then put the ginger liquid into the same glass with the honey in it.
(4). Put half a teaspoon of Black pepper powder into that same glass, and mix all the three together. (Honey/Ginger Liquid/Black Pepper).
(5). Pour the mixture into a Large spoon and slowly swollow it down, making sure you take a small bit at a time, like sucking a piece of toffee. Finish the whole amount and DO NOT drink any other liquids or water to try to get rid of the taste, the taste will be gone in about 5 mins.
The ginger and pepper are pretty strong in taste, so dont be put off. This is a very old, time tested remedy with all natural parts, it works wonders and does NOT have any adverse effects whatsoever. Ask your granny or grandad they will tell you so. Get well soon.