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Monday, January 9, 2012


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest ceiling of them all? Mine ... now!

I absolutely despise my kitchen ceiling. It's old, and yucky.I need a vintage cool one. 

Hmm what could  I put up there that was recycled.......thinking.....thinking....I GOT IT, MIRRORS!!!!     

 I have a bunch, but no where near what I'll need to cover an 11 x 11 ceiling. So off  thrifting I go...


                      These are some I had laying around.

                               Here is a day of thrifting...

This is what my ceiling looked like before.Yuck!

I removed all the mirrors and painted all the frames gloss white , with a dusting of mica glitter. Then I reassembled them....

This is my dining room table...there were many TV tray nights in the living room sacrificed for this project..HA HA !!!

A dab here and there with Quick Grab held the frames up long enough to drive a couple screws into them.
I can't seem to get any help around here, so I built my own helper from an old towel and post I found in the garage.We've built quite the friendship!LOL

My medallion had a piece missing, which worked perfect to get around the chandelier, and I  strategically placed a framed mirror over the missing spot.

I added some peachy pink roses to the center,cause I think they're pretty!

I was running low on small mirrors so I fashioned my own with a plaque, and a dollar store mirror....and of course PEARLS!


were getting there!.....
Just some trim work left!