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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Do I ever sleep through the night ...NO! I wake up all the time with some off the wall craft idea, ad I just can;t fall back to sleep unless I at least get a start on it! This was my project a 3 am.

I took some shadow boxes I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby for$1.20 and removed the backs which allowed me to fill them with sentimental trinkets and treasures .I have little gems from grandma and my late mother and dad.I always had everything stashed  in a drawer, where I couldn't enjoy them. I always thought I would wear grandma's brooches for a night out, ...but never did. Now I can enjoy them daily in my favorite room in the house, and where I spend most of my time...the little pink kitchen!

A locket that was in my mommy' things with a picture of mom and dad, so sweet!

Love you mom, and grandma, I miss you every day!!!XOXOXOXOXOXOX