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Saturday, March 3, 2012


O.k I'm a canning fool today. Now I'm onto hamburger.Canning meat raw pack is sooo easy! I packed the jars full of raw hamburger .There is no need to add liquid to these jars so I just put the lid on.

Next I placed them in my pressure cooker. I can fit 7 quart jars in my canner. 
When canning hamburger it needs to cook at 11 pounds of pressure for 90 minutes. If you are doing pints then it's 11lbs for 75 minutes. 
After the 90 minutes are up you turn off the heat, however, it does take a while for the pressure in your canner to subside. You just have to wait. Once the pressure is gone, you can remove the lid and carefully remove your jars. They should sit on your counter for 24 hours to cool. I've heard of people adding a tsp. of beef broth to each jar, but maybe next time.

And, you can can burgers--form raw patties 1/2 inch thick-exactly the same size as the top of your jar. Stack them up and do not add any additional liquid. After canning for 90 minutes they only need to be warmed up to make a burger.

Making meatloaf in jars. Use the 1 1/2 qt straight sided jelly jars.
just mix up your meatloaf mix the way you normally would (but without eggs) cram it in the jar and process. 

Meatballs, the same way...

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