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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Today I searched the yard for all the pinecones from my pine tree out back. I like to open them in the microwave on a piece of paper towel, however you can also do them in a 200 degree oven for an hour..
The microwave also kills any bugs that may be lurking right away, so no need to soak or wash unless they are dirty...

If using outdoors, spray them with a sealer after cooled. This way they will not close up again when they get wet.

Here are some great ideas for using you pinecones....

How to: Screw screws into the bottom of each pine cone and then take a long piece of wire-wrapped each pine cone tightly around each screw and wrap  around base of tomato your way up..If you like them not so arranged, just wrap wire around each cone at different angles making a long string, then wire the pinecone string to the cage.You could also use a styrofoam cone, however those can get quite costly...

These can be done using wire for feet, and styrofoam balls, wooden beads or even ping pong balls. For the heads paint with school glue and cardinals would be great also, or even blue birds for springtime...Get creative!!!