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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Growing Tomato plants in water

I just could not watch my beautiful Early Girl tomato plants die of frost, so I decided to conduct a little experiment...kinda like a really low budget Hydroponics.
Hydroponics refers to the art of raising plant life in water.
A significant factor in growing hydroponic plants is the use of nutrients and fertilizers. 

Whenever you grow garden plants in dirt, they take in the nutrients and minerals from the earth. If you grow plants in normal water, they won’t have that built-in nutritional source system, which means you will need to discover ways to make sure that your plants get the nutrients they require.
I used Miracle Grow shake and feed granules in the water.

Here they are 3 weeks into placing the cuttings on the window sill. I flicked the blossoms to pollinate them, and I am getting lots of baby tomatoes...You could use a fan or an electric toothbrush for pollination also...

 You can see all the wonderful root growth. I could plant these in dirt at this point...
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